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Herrnbräu Beer

Wrapping up a week of German beer with the Herrnbräu brewery. It’s located in the city of Ingolstadt, the same city where the infamous “Pure Beer Law” was passed. But, Herrnbräu does not claim to have existed since 1516. The company was founded in 1882, after the merger of Bürgerliches Brauhaus and Actienbrauerei. The Herrnbräu brand itself, however, did not appear until the mid-1960s.

Bürgerliches Brauhaus Altbairisch Hell (Germany, Ingolstadt) – 4.9% alk. Aroma is weak. The taste, as it should be Helles, malted, a little sweet. In the aftertaste malt, flowers and for some reason a bit of apricot. Clean, smooth, but very boring Helles. Grade “C +”.

Hefe Weißbier Hell (Germany, Ingolstadt) – 5.4% alk. The aroma is banana, and the banana is not ripe, grassy. The taste is full, bread, with a slight acidity, which is quite appropriate. In the aftertaste to the banana there is a slight herbaceous hop. A typical, well-made Weitzen. Can’t add or subtract. Grade “B”.

Herrnbräu Dunkles Exportbier (Ingolstadt, Germany) – 5.4% alk. Not a bad dunkel. In the aroma of dried fruit, caramel. Taste also caramel, but a little dry. In the aftertaste to the dried fruit added a little chocolate and caramel. Grade “B-“.

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Herrnbräu beer
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