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Kristoffel Belgian White Beer


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Kristoffel Belgian White Beer

Kristoffel Belgian White Beer was purchased at the K&B store at a traditionally low, for this chain, price. Brewed at the not unknown Brouwerij Martens (aka Bocholt) brewery.


In our market, from this brewery, the best known brands are Martens and Willianbräu. The latter is sold at the Bristol chain and I think I’ve seen it somewhere else. But, let’s move on to the blanc, aka vit.

Kristoffel Belgian White (Belgium, Bocholt) – 5/11.9 Aroma not strong for this style. The taste is soft, light, but not empty. In the aftertaste, citrus and coriander in good balance. Not an outstanding blanche, but you can’t call it bad either. It is piquant, pleasant and well-balanced. Perfect for the summer! Rated B-.

About blonde Kristofel I wrote not so long ago. It seemed very empty. I’ll have to find some more and try the brun. I don’t expect anything interesting, but purely for comparison.

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Александр Иджон
Kristoffel Belgian White beer

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