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LEP updated

Let’s continue on about the updated beer lines from Ochakovo. Now let’s talk about LEP – Experimental Beer Lab. This beer has been watched, as they say, since birth. From first brews in the capital city experimental brewery, to the launch on mass market throughout the Ochakovo brewery. At first I wanted to continue in the spirit of “fucked up…” but that’s a different story.

When LEP came out to the masses, there were a lot of complaints about it – high price (120 rubles in 2018!), unclear design, regional breweries Ochakovo, which brewed some styles, for some reason decided that they could change the recipe at their discretion, etc..

Legitimate outcome – the LEP did not go, even despite the price reduction later in the day. Sold, of course, but not in the volumes that are needed for such a large enterprise. Now, as they say, the concept has changed. The design has become more sympathetic. The shape of the bottle and the label in a minimalistic style looks very good. And note – the word “Kraft” nowhere!

LEP Bright (Russia, Moscow) – 4,3/10 When I approached this bottle, I was sure that inside the usual Eurolager, as in the case of Secret Piovar. Was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. Very nice “dessitka” but American style. The aroma is floral, honey. The taste is soft, malty, light, but not watery. In the aftertaste on the exhale, a pleasant floral hop. There is a bitterness, but not bright. In general – a great summer beer. At the company store took 50 rubles. Rated “B-“.

LEP White (Russia, Moscow) – 4.9/12 Aroma coriander. Taste sparkling, prickly. In the aftertaste “bubblegum”, zest and a little toffee. By the end of the bottle, this whole bouquet is starting to get a little tiresome. I think the flavoring (like WB-Mix something) that was used is a little too intrusive. But otherwise, a good refreshing summer beer, too. Rated B-.

Ochakovo realized that in the segment of craft beer, even mass segment, they can not compete with other players, made, in my opinion, the right decision – to change the format and start with a simpler and more understandable to their customers beer. But, the main problem still remains – the presence on the shelf. Will this beer be widely available at the same price of 50 rubles or not? I’m afraid not. But, on occasion, I’ll take LEP Light, just as a light table beer.

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