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Panzer Experimental IPA beer

Panzer Brewery continues to delight with new products. This time it’s Experimental IPA. Not sure what is meant by “experimental,” but either way – interesting!

Panzer Experimental IPA (Russia, Moscow region, Podolsk) – 6,5/16 As you can see from the photo, the color is turbid, like NEIPA. Maybe it’s the “experimentality” in combining NEIPA and IPA in American style.

There are tangerines and Christmas trees in the aroma. Not New Year’s Eve, but still. The flavor is soft, full-bodied. A yeasty tone is not noticed. The aftertaste is still the same tangerines, Christmas tree resin and… mint! Mint and menthol tones appear not immediately, but after a couple of sips. And unobtrusively, not apothecary, but very delicately. They make the beer more refreshing and summery, in spite of the 6.5% alcohol.

Why this beer has minty tones – I do not know. There doesn’t seem to be anything added. If so played with hops, then as they say – respect and respect! An excellent, both in balance and flavor, interesting beer! Rated “A-“.


Alexandr Idzhon
Panzer Experimental IPA

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