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Beer from Concord Maikop Brewery

Part two of a dive into regional gov beers. Beer from the Concord brewery in Maikop. Not to be confused with the big Maikop Brewery, which should not be confused with the Moscow Brewing Company (the acronym in Maikop in the company name is the same – MPK LLC). The Maikop brewery even had a trial with Concord over Maikopskoe beer, which is produced by both breweries. The dispute is not over yet.

Zhigulevskoye (Russia, Maykop) – 4/11 I’m sure that those who are nostalgic about “that very taste” should like this beer. Especially “with wobla” or “yellow stripe”. Without an appetizer, it’s not very pleasant to drink. “That very taste” is expressed in wet cardboard, diacetyl and “railroad water.” True, there is a bit of a hop. Not much. But there is! Grade “C-“.

Pilsner (Russia, Maikop) – 4.5/12 Surprisingly, this beer can really be classified as a pilsner. There are hops and not quite in homeopathic doses. Otherwise, it’s “just right” – muddy aroma with AMD. The flavor is malty. Bitterness, as I said, is present. Reminds of the Czech regionals. Except that – more dirt, and hops on the contrary, less. Grade “C-“.

Of all the “catches” from that “Russian Beer” store, probably the most beerable beer. If you compare it to the beer of the “big” Maikop brewery, about which I wrote almost three years ago and the post about which caused so much “squabble” (there were even theories that this is a fake beer, which they pour in Peter :) ) – Concord is about the same.

I’ll post on Monday about the worst one I’ve ever bought. Stay tuned!

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Maikop Concord Brewery
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