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Bocholter beer

Saw a Bocholter beer at K&B. Thought it was new, but no! Just changed the design. Drank it two years ago and wasn’t very happy with it, judging from the records. Decided to try it again. What if the change in design affected the taste, as some people think :)

Bocholter Kwik (Belgium, Bocholt) – 5% alk. Brewed at Martens brewery, beers from which are often found in our chains, both under their brands and as STMs.

Last time, I found Bocholter to be sweet, watery and alcoholic. This time it wasn’t as bad. Full-bodied, malty, no alcoholiness. Sweet? Yes. A minimum of hops? Yes. But otherwise a smooth, clean lager, which is what most people like. Is there any point in buying it? For myself, I don’t see it. Grade “C.”

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Александр Иджон
Bocholter Kwik
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