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Brest beer

I didn’t get into the nitty-gritty, just curiosity overpowered me. I haven’t bought Belarusian beer in a very long time, especially from Brest Brewery. And then I look – the labels are beautiful! But life is not standing still. Everything around is developing, breweries are modernizing production, using new technologies and raw materials. What if something has changed in Brest, apart from the labels? There, their colleagues from Lida, even quite good craft brews.

But apparently, in Villabaggio Brest, there’s still a good selection of bad lagers. Except that the porter breaks out of this dullness. Nothing surprising here, though. Russian Athanasius has the same story. But let’s talk specifically about Brest.

Belovezhskoe (Belarus, Brest) – 4,5/11 Aroma malt with light. The lingering aroma leaves hope that the beer has hops in more or less normal quantities. However, the “skunk” quickly wears off and the smell of wet grain remains. The taste is a bit muddy, with obvious cardboard. In the aftertaste yes, there is a hop, but it is rough and does not change the joyless picture. Grade “C-“.

Brestskoe (Belarus, Brest) – 4,7/11 Slightly cleaner, but also less hops. Wet cardboard is still in the taste and aftertaste. This is the kind of beer you can (and maybe should) snack on dried fish or garlic breadcrumbs, so that the defects were not visible. The grade is also “C-“.

Well, Brest brewery can only be envied – such stability all the time… At least the labels have been changed, but retro is also in fashion, they could have left the “banana”.

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Александр Иджон
Brestskoe beer
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