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Moravačka beer

Czech Republic

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Beer Moravačka

I bought the Moravačka Beer in the “Rest” store. A clear “answer” to Pražecka from Rakovník. We’ll end up with “Bohemochka”, “Ostravochka” or “Pisechka” (what are the names of Pisek residents?).

On closer inspection it turned out that the beer was brewed at the Litovel brewery. This was encouraging, since products from Nimburk, the glorious private labels, are to be feared.

Moravačka Svetly Ležak (Czech Republic, Litovel) – 5/11.5 A typical Czech regional. Maybe not the worst. Aroma of malt. The taste is full, with a slight rag. Honey, malt and some hops in the aftertaste. The hops accumulate after a few sips, but still not bright. Normal layback. C grade.

Moravačka Pšeničné pivo (Czech Republic, Litovel) – 4.7/11 I don’t like generalizations like “here, the Germans (Czechs) can make beer” or “best beer in Kryzhople”. Nevertheless, it’s very rare to come across good, or even normal, wyzen from the Czechs. Not their beer. Not in Czech tradition.

But Moravačka turned out quite edible! Banana in the flavor and aftertaste. Not as “fatty” as I like, but not bad. Flourish, dry, but not empty. In this heat – just right! Rated B.

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Александр Иджон
Moravačka beer
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