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Sierraveza beer from Sierra Nevada


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Sierraveza beer from Sierra Nevada

Continuing to try the lineup from Sierra Nevada, the pioneers of American craft beer. Last time was Dankful IPA, now got Sierraveza.

Sierraveza (Mills River, USA) – 5/12.5 It has now become fashionable among craft breweries to reimagine beers that were considered antagonistic to craft – southern lagers in particular. I recently wrote about Mucho Gusto beer from KONIX, which is very similar to the famous Mexican Corona.

Sierra Nevada positions its beer as an Easy-drinking lager – that is, an easy-drinking lager. And so it is. The aroma is faint, but you can distinguish citrus and floral notes. The taste is malty, light, but not empty. In the aftertaste, too, more malt tones, but a little light hop is still noticeable.

This beer is really nice to drink on the beach. That’s how history takes a circle and what craft breweries were running away from, that’s what they came to. Rated B-.

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Sierraveza beer
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