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Starkenberger Gold Lager beer


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Starkenberger Gold Lager

Today let’s talk about the Austrian Starkenberger Gold Lager beer from Schloss Starkenberg Brewery. It’s located in the Tyrolean town of Tarrenz. The word “Schloss” means that the brewery is located in a castle. And it is indeed a very beautiful place with a brewery and an inn.

They modestly say about themselves that they are the only brewery in Austria making “barley juice” without chemical additives. Maybe they really make natural, alive and unfiltered barley juice, but as for the beer (they wrote Gerstensaft for a reason), there are hundreds more Austrian breweries brewing beer “without chemicals. And what does “no chemistry” mean? But, this is a topic for a separate talk, but for now let’s return to the Starkenberger beer.

Starkenberger Gold Lager (Austria, Tarrenz) – 5/11 Aroma, alas, lithe. The taste is empty, malty. The aftertaste has some hops and it’s dry, tart. This beer might be okay in its fresh form – refreshing, bitter, but what I have in my glass is pretty mediocre. C grade.

There was another variety from Starkenberger in the store. It seems to be a bock or festbier. I will try it if possible.

PS. For home brewers. New Riga’s brewery and MirBeer will hold the third BEST BREWMASTER AWARD contest.

From June 28 we are accepting entries for the third contest in support of home brewing – BEST BREWMASTER AWARD. The organizers of the contest, New Riga’s Brewery and “MirBir”, invite home brewers from all Russia and the near abroad to the competition. To participate in the BEST BREWMASTER AWARD 2021 you should carefully read the rules and fill out a special form.

Applications will be accepted until July 30 and processed until August 5. The organizers will receive the samples by September 20, and the list of finalists will be published on September 27.

The winner of the contest will be announced in early October by New Riga’s Brewery. The brewery team will choose the best homebrewer from among all participants of the competition, based on the submitted beers, according to the suggested criteria, with whom the brewery will subsequently brew a collaborative variety.

Below are the categories of brews that are accepted for the contest*

1. Pale Ale, American Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, American Amber Ale, Double IPA

2. Dry Stout, Sweet Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Brown Porter, Robust Porter, Imperial Stout, Imperial Porter

Berliner Weisse, American Wheat, Weizenbock, Gose, all types of Sour

Saison, Belgian Pale Ale, Dubbel, Tripel, Belgian Dark Ale, Barleywine

5. All types of fruit varieties.

6. Original recipes varieties (e.g. Gruit)

*The addition of berries or fruit automatically places the beer in category 5. Adding spices, coffee does not change the category.

Each category will have one finalist (6 total). Up to two varieties (maximum) in bottles of 1 liter each are accepted from one competitor.

The main prize will be the joint brewing and release of 2 tons of beer. The winner will also receive 4 cases of the brewed beer and a special award cup. The rest of the batch will be sold among the clients of the brewery. The labels will contain information about the joint brewing with the winner.

The finalists will receive gifts from New Riga’s and MirBeer.

Additional questions can be asked by mail: [email protected] (MirBir team representative), [email protected] (New Riga’s brewery representative).

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Starkenberger Gold Lager beer
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