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Red October Beer from MainStream Brewery


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Red October Beer from MainStream Brewery

When I hear the phrase “Red October,” I have two associations. The first is the Soviet song where “Lenin is so young,” it’s true that October is “young.” The second is Tom Clancy’s book, The Hunt for Red October. In the aftermath and the movie.

In the movie, by the way, Captain Remius kills deputy political officer named Putin (in the book, I think not, but I could be wrong, I read a long time ago). Although the book was written in 1984. Where am I going with this? The wind must have blown. Got distracted by the beer.

The beer is brewed at MainStream Brewery, which I made a video about two years ago. What made this particular beer interesting? It’s brewed in the not often seen Red Lager style. I remember when I brewed “Meeting on the Elbe”, it was this style that puzzled many sellers (and therefore customers). For some reason our people think lager only in light, and for the special intricate may be dark, but red…ferboten!

Krasny Oktyabr (Red October) (Russia, Vladimir region, d.Dolmatovo) – 5/12 In aroma red berries – raspberry, red currant, but not sour. And here in the taste, a slight sourness is, but it is not unpleasant. It complements the flavor. In the aftertaste a little astringency and a slight bitterness.

Nice beer. May be against the background of the other Kraft and not very interesting, but clean and enjoyable. The grade “B-“.

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Александр Иджон
Krasny Oktyabr Beer
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