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Rosa Blanca Hoppy Lager beer


по Djons

Rosa Blanca Hoppy Lager beer

Back to Spanish beer again. I saw in Buy Weekend cans from Damm, but not the well-known Estrella Damm, but a certain Rosa Blanca Hoppy Lager. The price is only 111 rubles, though for 0.33.

Rosa Blanca Hoppy Lager (Spain, Barcelona) – 4.8% alk. Oehlled lager, moreover Spanish – it’s interesting! In the aroma really feel the floral and pink tones. May be self-influence, of course, about the roses. I tried to look away – no, there is a distinct hint of rose in the fragrance and in the aftertaste on the exhale. It is, however, not particularly perfumy.

The body is light, but not watery. In addition to the floral tones, hops are noticeable in the slight bitterness. I can’t say that this lager is very Hoppy, but quite pleasant. Should be very easy to drink in the Spanish heat. Grade “B”.

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Александр Иджон
Rosa Blanca Hoppy Lager
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