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Schwarzwald Michel beer

Once again, we have a regional German beer – Schwarzwald Michel. This time, from the Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu brewery. It seems that soon, we’ll be sampling all of Germany’s beers without having to leave Russia.

Beer from Alpirsbacher I wrote in 2018 and bought it, like the hero of the current review, on FoodCity. The price is 170 rubles.

The full name of the brewery is Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Glauner GmbH & Co. KG. Family brewery, which belongs to the fourth generation of Glauner. Located near the monastery walls in Alpiersbach in Baden-Württemberg.

Schwarzwald Michel Weizen (Germany, Alpiersbach) – 5.2/12 Excellent Weizen! In the fragrance relies banana. Silky, but not greasy texture. A bit of white bread and in the end a bit of herbaceous and floral hops, which completes the balance. A- Grade.

Schwarzwald Michel Hell (Germany, Alpiersbach) – 4.8/11.6 It’s hard to expect something special from a hop, but this turned out to be excellent! The aroma has light florals. The body is full, despite the relatively small ENS. In the aftertaste light, but noticeable hop (a little more and would have been Pils), meadow flowers. Very balanced and nutritious. The grade is also “A-“.

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Schwarzwald Beer
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