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Smoothies sour ale from Vasileostrovskaya

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Smoothies sour ale from Vasileostrovskaya

Once again I want to say – smoothies and different tomato gozos are of course delicious, but I don’t dare to rate them as beer. There’s very little of the drink itself left in them. It’s more like a cocktail with beer in which the beer itself plays not even a minor role. Is it bad? No. If the consumer likes it, why not make things like that? Today I will tell you about a novelty from Vasileostrovskaya brewery – two Smoothies sour ale. One with mango and apricot, the other with strawberry and mint.

Smoothies sour ale mango and apricot (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 4/17 In addition to taste, this drink is removed from beer and the consistency. It looks more like a little bit of carbonated baby puree. Yes, and in taste, it is a puree of mango and apricot. There’s not much else to add. It’s good. Who doesn’t like to steal a scoop of fruit puree from a baby at feeding time? And there’s no need to cheat. Pour it (put it) in a mug and smartly sip it or eat it with a spoon.

А?! What?! What beer?! Me and the baby are eating fruit! That’s a great tip for young (and not-so-young) fathers. I won’t rate it, because I don’t understand the criteria. I’ll say it again – it’s delicious, and that’s it.

Smoothies sour ale strawberry and mint (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 4/17 This consistency is shorter, although it also resembles strawberry nectar with mint. Also tasty and also on the beer (any) is very remotely similar.

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