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Vanbier Beer

Discovered this beer at the Verny store. At first I thought it was something from STM, like Lander Bräu from Dutch Swinkels or similar. When they make something imported here, as a rule they write “German qality” or at least “Horosechniy czech beer”. And here suddenly – Holland Tradittion!

Confused by the price of 36 rubles. Even for cheap mass imports somehow suspiciously cheap. I looked closely, it was not imports, but everyone’s favorite well-known “Trekhsosensky” plant. They decided to indulge in pseudo-imports in addition to the trashy “Strong Hops” and “Making Wort”. The name was also chosen with a reference to the Netherlands. Vanbier, is it a Van Bier (like Van Dam) or one beer in a kind of surzhik?

Vanbier (Russia, Ulyanovsk) – 4.5% alk. I expected a traditionally muddy taste with cardboard and other delights, which some take for taste. However, the beer turned out to be clean, smooth and can be said not disgusting at all. Yes, hops on the low side, but a normal malt flavor and aroma. Can be attributed to the helles. C grade.

Aside from the can and PET, this beer is bottled in bubbly bottles, which makes it even more similar to imports. If you give it a grade for mimicry, you might as well give it an A.

Александр Иджон
Vanbier Beer

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