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Volfas Engelman Baltic Porter Beer


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Volfas Engelman Baltic Porter beer

Lithuanian brewery Volfas Engelman continues to expand its range in the Russian market. This time, noticed and bought the Volfas Engelman Baltic Porter.

We have a certain perception of Porter, which is not much different from the beer myths of the adepts of “real draught-young”. If they see the label label says porter, they necessarily compare it to Athanasius, expect burnt galoshes and creosote in the taste. Strength below 8% alk. is generally considered shameful for porter.

I keep saying and will keep saying – porter (even Baltic), is a broader concept than 8/20 and all the listed flavors and aromas. Even according to the BJCP (which is a guide, not a dogma), there are four kinds of porter, and the notorious “Baltic” starts at 6.5% alcohol.

Volfas Engelman Baltic Porter (Kaunas, Lithuania) – 6% alcohol. Yes, in terms of alcohol this beer does not fall within the scope of BJCP, but as I said, I do not see this as a big crime. The aroma is a little bit winey. The taste is sweet, mild. Nice burnt going into the coffee and a dash of chocolate. A pleasant, although generally simple beer. Rated “B-“.

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Александр Иджон
Volfas Engelman Baltic Porter beer
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