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Zötler Pils, Dark and Hefeweizen Hell Beer


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Zötler Pils, Dunkel and Hefeweizen Hell beers

Recently wrote about a beer from Zötler. The rating wasn’t high and seeing the rest of this brewery’s assortment at 230 rubles, somehow at first I even got greedy. Do I need it?! I thought – it is necessary.

Let me remind you that Zötler brewery was founded in 1447 and from the beginning until today, belongs to the Zötler family, which is rare. As a rule, family breweries change hands for various reasons.

Zötler Pils (Germany, Rettenberg) – 4.9/11.5 Aroma grassy. Full body malt. In the aftertaste grassy bitterness, floral and often found in the German pils – burnt matches (sulfurous) shade. Nice, good quality German pils. Grade “B+”.

Zötler Korbinian Dunkel (Germany, Rettenberg) – 5.1/12.5 An excellent dunkel! Pleasant, sweet coffee aroma. Taste full, soft, a little creamy. In the aftertaste, too, coffee flavor and a little caramel. Grade “A-“.

Zötler Hefeweizen Hell (Germany, Rettenberg) – 5.2/12.5 In the aroma of the obligatory bananas and some citrus, but Weizen not “fat”, but moderately dry. And while I love “fat” weitzenes, this one is perfectly balanced, you could say – perfect! And banana and cloves and some citrus. Everything is there, all in moderation. Grade “A”.

Yes, expensive (although Ayinger is not cheap either…), but the beer is of a very high level. Gold is rather an exception in this line, although I can’t say anything bad about it either.

Alexandr Idzhon
Zötler Beer

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