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Beer St. Pierre Blond and St.Pierre Brune

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St.Pierre Blond and St. Pierre Brune beer

Let’s take our eyes off the Southern Russian brewing “masterpieces” for a moment and turn our attention to Belgium. Two beers – St. I recently bought Pierre Blond and St.Pierre Brune at the Metro store for the quite democratic (for Belgium) price of 104 rubles.

A closer look reveals that the St. Pierre brand is brewed at the Palm brewery for the ALDI chain in the UK. Palm is part of the family group Swinkels (maiden name Bavaria), which is the second largest brewery in the Netherlands and has breweries both at home and in Belgium.

Most of their beer is exported. Which country do you think ranks first in beer consumption from Swinkels? You’ll never guess! Ethiopia!!! I wonder what they drink there? Clearly not Palm or La Trappe and Rodenbach. They must be drinking Bavaria.

St. Pierre Blond (Belgium, Steenhuffel) – 6,5/14 In the fragrance, as it should be blond, floral, malt, a little honey tones. The taste is full, but dry. In the aftertaste, too, flowers, malt and a pleasant herbaceous bitterness. It may not be a “bombastic” blonde, but it’s nice and just right. Grade “B.”

St.Pierre Brune (Belgium, Steenhuffel) – 6.5/15.1 The aroma is caramel and milk chocolate. The taste is full, a little sweet. In the aftertaste, a bit of bread crust and figs. Also a nice, drinkable and authentic brun. Grade “B.”

If the price does not change, it is quite a worthy alternative to the same Leffe.

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