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Budvar Reserve Beer

Czech Republic

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Budvar Reserve beer

Once upon a time, the Budějovický Budvar brewery brewed a special beer once a year with fresh hop cones and fermented this beer for two hundred (!) days. It was called Budweiser Budvar Premier Select. It was very interesting and artful beer (the participants of the last tasting remembered the results to this day :) ) . It was easy to drink but it was rather knocked down. And it was interesting of course because of the fresh hops on brew. Every year the taste was different, depending on the harvest of the hops.

I had it in Russia, Moscow Brewing Company. I brought it in very small quantities. I do not know if Czechs brew this beer now. It seems to me that the Premier Select project has evolved into Budvar Reserve, only without the green hops.

MPK still brings Budvar Reserve in small quantities and still once a year. The previous beer was brought in spring (fall hop harvest, plus 200 days, plus this and that). Reserve came in late August. This beer is probably brewed all the time now, but still in small quantities (relative to the main beers).

I could be wrong, though. If anyone knows more accurate information, drop me a line in the comments. I bought it through getdrinks.ru, but it is also in RusBir on Varshavka. The price is 93 rubles for a bottle of 0.33.

(Czech Republic, Budejovice) – 7,5/16,3 Aroma floral, sweet and a bit honeyed. The taste is full, dense, slightly caramel. In the aftertaste, after a few sips, there are clear herbaceous hops. The alcohol is well hidden and shows a slight tang, sort of like from the pepper. The honey tone is also noticeable in the aftertaste.

Grade “A-“. Exactly as a good Strong Lager should be! Moderately strong, powerful, but drinkable.

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Budvar Reserve Beer
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