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Complot IPA from Damm

Not so long ago I was “complaining” about the abundance of various Spanish Estrella’s, which turned out to be by no means one. Clearly, the most famous “star” is from the Damm brewery. In addition to the usual Eurolagers, Damm also has a craft line. Quite good, by the way. Complot IPA belongs to just that lineup.


The cool thing about this IPA is that in 2014, DAM partnered with the Prades Agricultural Cooperative to launch a project to breed and grow a local hop variety. In 2020, they got a sustainable, commercial hop crop. Note to self – started, back in 2014!!! This goes to the questions – why aren’t we growing hops in commercial quantities!

I’ve never seen commercial hops, much less worked with Prades hops, but judging by the beer, it turned out good and interesting.

Complot IPA (Spain, Barcelona) – 6.6/14.5 Bright citrus aroma. Dry, crisp body. Bitterness of zest in the aftertaste and a little herbal tartness. At the same time (most importantly!) everything is perfectly balanced. A very drinkable beer, but also has its own face. Grade “A-“.

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Александр Иджон
Complot IPA Beer
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