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Fix Dark Beer from Olympic Brewery

Haven’t written anything on the blog in a week since I went to Kirov, where I was “trading stings”. The “Vyatich” brewery made a restyling of Riga beer and put my “bromportrait” on the label. There will soon be a video on the subject on Yutube. In the meantime, let’s talk about Fix Dark, a Greek beer from Olympic Brewery.

Greek beers have been popping up in our stores this year. First of all, it’s Mythos. It is most likely related to the exploitation of nostalgic memories of vacationers in Greece – “Here I was drinking such a great beer in Greece…!!!”.

I have not been to Greece, but I first tasted the beer under the brand Fix in Cyprus. Against the background of the local KEO and Leon, it seemed very good. At the moment, Olympic Brewery is part of the Carlsberg Group and is the largest brewery in Greece.

Fix Dark (Greece, Sindos) – 5.2/12 There are aromas of burnt and coffee. The taste is full, dry with a slight acidity (probably from the burnt coffee). In the aftertaste also good burnt, coffee tones with a slight caramel. Not a bad Schwarzbeer, although the manufacturer positions it simply as a dark lager. Rated B-.

Don’t know if it’s available in the networks (haven’t seen it). I bought it at RusBeer on Varshavka.

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Fix Dark Beer
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