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Lech Beer

Would you like a bream! But Bochkarevsky Brewery can give it to you, I mean offer it. Call the beer a bream… The whole lineup suggests itself – Sausage, Sukharik, Cheese. However, the White Kremlin already has Hop Raki. Apparently the era of “Czech”, “German” and other “Croatian” is over and marketing experts start giving out names simply associated with beer.


On the other hand, look at the craft brewers. That’s where the names are wild (by the way, there’s “Dich” beer, too)! Therefore, let’s not scold barrel marketing, especially since the label is made with a certain amount of humor and the beer stands out on the shelf with its name. What else do we need? And you need, correctly, also good bottle contents. Tried both the bottled and can version.

Rook (Russia, Altai Territory, s.Bochkari) – 4,5/11 Lit aroma (tried it in a can as well, this of course was not felt). A bit of wet cardboard in both containers. The flavor is sweet, grainy. If you cool it well, the sweetness is not so prominent, but it needs to stand in the mug, it gets a bit hard to drink. The aftertaste is weak and also malty.

Lech beer, a relatively clean (not counting the cardboard), dull and probably pure bream (fish) can be drunk. C- Grade.

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Александр Иджон
Lech Beer
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