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Maxlrainer Jubilator beer


по Djons

Maxlrainer Jubilator beer

Maxlrainer wrote about beer a year ago. I wasn’t particularly impressed with it. The average German regionalist. There wasn’t much to scold about, but the beer didn’t evoke any bright emotions either. And the other day I saw the Maxlrainer Jubilator. I bought it, of course.

Maxlrainer Jubilator (Germany, Maxlrain) – 7.8/18.5 Doppelbock. A very beautiful dark brown color, which the photo does not convey. The flavor is very light dried fruit and chocolate. The taste is mild, but not too sweet. In the aftertaste toffee, licorice, wood, vanilla. Slightly tart bitterness. Alcohol is completely undetectable.

Beautiful bock! Especially in the current weather. A- grade.

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