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Old Prague 12 Beer

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Old Prague 12 Beer

I promised myself that I would never buy this thing again, but the seller said “This beer is quite decent and they put the place of production on the label. I gave in to persuasion, and the small print on the label, the store could not read.


When I got home, I was convinced that stability exists and that the beer Old Prague is its embodiment. Steadily bad and still hiding the address of production. The label still has the same Prague address, which is a regular apartment building. It’s impossible to find out exactly who brewed this beer.

Old Prague 12 (somewhere in the Czech Republic) – 5,2/12 The aroma is wet cardboard and diacetyl, and generously so. Wet cardboard, or rather soaked cardboard, can be felt in the taste. You can just take a piece of cardboard and soak it in a beer until it becomes a consistency of mush, this is it. The hops are there. But it would be better if there were no hops! Rough, dirty. I can just see these pellets of brown that smell like old socks.

Aside from the beautiful decor, there’s nothing to pay money for in Old Prague 12. And the amazing thing is, this brand has been on sale for a year. Who are these people making a repeat purchase?! How can you drink that?! However, there are fans of Afipsky

Grade “D”

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