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Asahi Dry Black Beer

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Asahi Dry Black Beer

I was first introduced to Asahi Dry dark beer before I even started this blog – in 2007. I remember this moment in an old record from 2009, when we had a beer store at Velozavodskiy market and sold there Asahi Black Kuronama.


In a nutshell, for those of you too lazy to follow the link. I was working in IT at the time. We once got a 50-ruble Japanese beer from a client…a case!!.. My neighbor and I drank Asahi and Kirin Ichiban for a long time afterwards. Most of all I liked Asahi Dry Black, also known as Super Dry. I saw it in a store recently, and it had a new design, so I thought I’d refresh my memory!

Asahi Dry Black (Japan, Tokyo) – 5,5/11,2 The aroma has a pleasant burnt note and a little iron. Iron, most likely perceived just from the burnt. The taste is soft, but dry. In the aftertaste a little ashy tones and coffee. Excellent balanced dark lager in a Japanese (dry) spirit.

Expensive of course, but a decent beer in its own style. Rated “B-“

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