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Barbarossa Helles Hefeweize beer

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Barbarossa Helles Hefeweize beer

Another privatbrand. When I bought it, I kept trying to remember – where have I seen that name before? I don’t mean Plan Barbarossa, but the beer? Then I looked it up – at the 2016 Prodexpo there was a beer with that name from Zoller-Hof. Something rye, I think.

This same Red Beard is brewed at the big Eichbaum brewery, known for producing a lot of STMs. The Barbarossa line is standard – Pils, Schwartz, Weitzen. The first two I have not come across, but probably sold somewhere. The only one I’ve come across is the Weitzen.

Barbarossa Helles Hefeweize (Germany, Mannheim) – 5.2/11.8 Original, shall we say, witzen! In the aroma, instead of the expected bananas and cloves, more baked apples for some reason. That’s how it is – baked apples! Why? How so?! The result of aging? The beer is bottled in March. There’s some bread in the flavor, but still, the apples take over everything. And the color is a little dark for a classic Weitzen.

In other STMs from Eichbaum, I have not seen this kind of thing. As a rule, the usual not very interesting, but quite authentic weizen, and here is some nonsense. Grade “C-”


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