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Durak Beer

I wonder what accounts for the name of this imperial porter from Jaws? Clearly, there’s a reference to skomarochs, jesters, and possibly a card game, but why? On the other hand, the Belgians can call the beer Brugse Zot (The Fool of Bruges), why can’t we just as much fun and call the beer Durak?

Durak (Russia, Zarechny, Sverdlovsk region) – 9/23 As already said – imperial porter. Aroma is soft, a bit of coffee. The taste is very dense and full, but not sugary. In the aftertaste a pleasant burnt, without acidity, but with a well balanced bitterness. A bit of figs and licorice completes the package.

Powerful, well balanced and therefore very drinkable, despite the rather high alcohol content. A+ rating.

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