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Česká Koruna Lager

I’ve seen Ceska Koruna beer on the shelves for a long time, but haven’t bought it. There’s not a lot of “Koruna” these days! Von, even in Kazakhstan they brew Koruna Alatau. However, after some post of mine about another “gov nyasha from…”, Igor Korchagin (author of books about Czech beer) wrote – buy Ceska Koruna! Like, it’s not a who-knows-who, but ….. It turned out to be the same Nymburk! The distributor of Pintacraft. But I found out about it only at home, when I drank beer and looked at the letters on the can through a magnifying glass.

Česká Koruna Lager (Czech Republic, Nymburk) – 4.7/11.2 Aroma is weak, almost none. The taste is a bit muddy. Here and cardboard and a little diacetyl. In the aftertaste honey, malt and a bit of coarse hops.

Nimburk can have worse. Here, however, is a typical regional Czech. Messy, but with hops. We have similar beers brewed by the Morshansky Brewery. You can certainly drink it locally, given the atmosphere, but to buy it in Moscow… Doesn’t make sense at all!

Rated C-.

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