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Kedon beer from Pardubický Pivovar, but that’s not it

by Djons

Czech beer Kedon

I came across an interesting Czech beer recently at K&B. Kedon beer from Pardubický Pivovar. What makes it interesting? Because the name of the brewery on the gold background is Pardubický Pivovar, but in fact, the beer is brewed at Staropramen. Why?

The secret is simple–in 2019, 89% of the shares of Pardubický Pivovar were bought by Staropramen. Often, such deals are perceived negatively by beer lovers – the beer will go bad! But by 2019, the brewery was facing depreciation of equipment, loss of market and other “charms” of regionalists. An investment of more than 100 million crowns was required. The second option was to close the brewery. So choose!

As buyers and investors were some structures from Russia (I wonder who?!) and China. But, the Czechs preferred their compatriots (albeit under the American Molson Coors ). The remaining 11% of shares are held by minority shareholders (most likely, by some of the employees) and the brewery itself is free in its assortment and brewing policy.

The first thing that was done after the takeover was to put a can line as the most promising direction. In addition, Pardubice Brewery was able to take advantage of Staropramen’s distribution, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The emergence of the beer in KB, Kedon is an example of this.

Kedon (Czech Republic, Prague) – 5/11,2 In the aroma for some reason I felt a slight smoky tone. Why – who knows! Tried the second can, also is. Perhaps this is some kind of aberration of mine. The taste is full, malted, clean. In the aftertaste, in addition to the malt, quite noticeable and hops, especially after a couple of sips. The hops build up on the throat with a slightly grassy undertone. C+ Grade.

Kedon is not a bad Czech lager, especially compared to most private labels like some Ceska Koruna.

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