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KONIX – IPA Tovarishi, Sample Set Mango & Chili and Hemoglobin

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KONIX - IPA Comrades, Sample Set Mango & Chili and Hemoglobin

And again about KONIX. It’s funny to read in the taproom comments – “that’s it, KONIX is deflated,” “it’s their swan song,” “and it was never any different from Baltika,” and other nonsense. I’m referring to Carlsberg’s recent purchase of 75% of the brewery’s stock. I said my opinion on it in Pena days and I repeat – nothing will happen to KONIX, at least while Oleg Tatuev is director and co-owner. They won’t be forced to brew Baltika No.3. In the meantime, let’s talk about the novelties – IPA Comrades, Sample Set Mango & Chili and Hemoglobin.

IPA Tovarishi (Russia, Penza region, Zarechny) – 5,5/13 I will tell you this, comrades – there is a lack of normal IPA on the market, without any subversive, without all kinds of ugly additives and what would be on the budget. Does this IPA answer this question? According to the first two questions, yes.

Is the IPA presented a classic, American Westcoast? No, it is not. It’s something in between a regular IPA and a muddy IPA. I don’t know if the turbidity was an end in itself when brewing, but it is there, although it is not New England.

The aroma is citrusy and pineapple. The taste is mild, but not the same as in NEIPA – a little tougher. A bit of a Christmas tree theme is added to the citrus and pineapple in the aftertaste. The beer is tasty, drinkable and balanced, but not “classic. Rated B+.

Sample Set Mango & Chili (Russia, Penza region, Zarechny) – 6/20 I do not understand how to assess smoothies, so I do not. I don’t really understand how to rate a smoothie, so I don’t rate it. It’s generally good, but what could be wrong with a beer smoothie? You have to try hard to make a bad smoothie. Here, it’s as the law of the genre requires. Mango juice, thick and slightly carbonated (beer, after all…), plus a dash of pepper without being extreme. Given the snow and rain out the window, it’s really nice to sip this kind of thing – tropical and warming.

Hemoglobin (Russia, Penza region, Zarechny) – 7/19 Sour ale (imperial!) with pomegranate. A good combination. Pomegranate juice as is. Moderately sour, does not pucker the cheekbones. Drinks nicely. What more could you ask for? Grade “B.”

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