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Turia and Voll-Damm Beer

by Djons

Turia and Voll-Damm beers

Something about Spanish Kraft from Damm doesn’t seem to me to have much luck. It seems that the price is low and the beer is not bad, but apparently sales are sluggish. The other day I got two beers from this brewery, Turia and Voll-Damm, which were new to me, on sale at Beru Weekend. I’m running out of time, but if the beer is good quality and especially not too hopped, I think nothing critical should happen to it.

Turia (Spain, Barcelona) – 5.4% alk. Both beers are mertzen in style, but Turia is, shall we say, a classic mertzen. The aroma is dominated by malt and caramel. A bit of figs (this is the effect of aging). The taste is full, but not too sweet. In the aftertaste on the caramel and malt, nice hop with grassy and slightly citrus tones.

Not a bad mertzen, though without any intricacies. What kind of intricacies can there be in this style? Grade “B”.

Voll-Damm (Spain, Barcelona) – 7,2/17,1 And here, although it is still the same mertzen, we see the strength of 7.2% alcohol, which is still too much for this style. Merzen side?

The aroma has caramel and dried fruit. The dried fruit is more pronounced than in Turia. Maybe it was there from the beginning. The taste is soft, but a little empty for such specifications. In the aftertaste, too, the supposed caramel, toffee and fruit. A dash of pepper. Alcohol is not felt at all. A little hop for balance.

Also quite pleasant beer. It’s a shame there was one can left in the BV. Would have had another. Rated “B”.

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