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Beer Dovod in the store Lesh

by Djons

DOVOD Beer in Lech Shop

Last week, Pavel Egorov and I visited the Leshch store on Domodedovskaya Street. It’s a brand store of the Bochkarev Brewery. I wrote about Lesch beer not so long ago – nothing interesting, but apart from it there are a lot of other beers, both regular regional and craft. Runs the store, our old acquaintance – Konstantin Raubo.


We were interested in Dovod beer, a craft division of the Kozheniki brewery. Nowadays many medium-sized regional breweries have their own craft divisions. Sometimes successful and interesting, sometimes not. Either way, it’s curious.

We drank draft, so there are no nice photos, although Dovod’s design is not bad. The price is also not overpriced – in Lesh one liter is about 140-150 rubles.

DOVOD #1. American pale lager (Russia, Tomsk region., d.Kozhevnikovo) – 4.5/11 An interesting style. Do not confuse with IPL. Bitterness is only 15 IBU, which hints at a complete absence of hops, but it is not. The hops are there and the hops are clearly American, but the trick is that it’s all about flavor.

The aroma is primarily currant (or “cat pissed” if you like comfy), plus some menthol. The flavor is soft and full. There are more minty tones in the aftertaste. Interesting and quite good. Grade “B”

DOVOD #2. Juicy wheatbeer (Russia, Tomsk region, village Kozhevnikovo) – 6/15 Whitbier, apparently with peach juice. But, Kozhevnikovo marketers don’t seem to see the difference between Whitbier and Weitzen. The name says Belgian style, but the description on the website says “The resulting dense, viscous, bright and flavorful Weitzen.” Yes, and there’s nothing in the flavor that reminds me of blancher/vitis. Weitzen? Yes. It went to Odessa, and came out to Kherson…

The aroma is peaches without being overpowering. The taste is soft, bready. In the aftertaste, peaches, moderate bitterness and a little dried fruit. Interesting and drinkable, despite the 6% alk. The brewer was more professional than the marketers. Rated B-.

DOVOD #5. Drei Heller (Russia, Tomsk region, Kozhevnikovo) – 4.7/12 What does the word “heller”, is not clear. A derivative of hell? The description on the website also does not add clarity – “This beer is more “hearty” compared to the traditional European lagers. 12% ENS… Heavy-drinking?!… Interesting notion in the Tomsk region about European lagers.

The most uninteresting of the entire line of Dovod. The flavor is basement and dried fruit. The taste is full, but not “gluttonous”. In the aftertaste rough, old hops and wet cardboard. A common regional lager with flaws. Grade “C”.

DOVOD #6. Undrinking Cherry (Russia, Tomsk region, Kozhevnikovo village) – 4,5/12 The marketer continues to burn, the brewer to work – “DOVOD #6 is as light and drinkable cherry beer, with a slight tartness and sourness inherent in lagers. Untappd lists it as “Lager – Pale” at all.

Not a bad fruity beer, where, of course, in the foreground cherry, cherry with a bone. Moderately sour. Without frills (and what frills can be here), but delicious. Rated “B-“.

On the whole, a pleasant impression of the lineup (except for #5), but the marketer is clearly not familiar with beer stylistics and it seems to him just “Rabinovich told” about the taste of the drink.

Photo report by Pavel Egorov of the Lesh store.

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