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Feldschlößchen Dresden beer

The Red and White chain never ceases to delight with new products. It is clear that these beers belong to a certain price segment. That’s the business! There has to be something mass-produced, both in taste and volume. Beer from the German brewery Feldschlößchen has been on the market for a long time, but I haven’t written about it. I only wrote about Otto Von Schrödder, produced by the same brewery.

And now, the Internet brought the good news – Feldschlößchen, or rather the importer for K&B, Oasis Company, brought three new products – IPA, Weizen Bock and cherry. At the nearest store I could only find IPA and Weizen Bock. Oh well! A cherry is a cherry. Drier or sweeter, with or without a bone – that’s the difference.

Feldschlößchen IPA (Dresden, Germany) – 5,8/13,8 Pasha Egorov, the third day told me that he tried this IPA and he really did not like it. It was watery, empty. Maybe it was sessional? There is a lot of blasphemy against Zhiguli IPA. But people just do not understand that it is not an American or a British IPA! It’s sessional! That’s what I thought.

But even in terms of specifications it hardly looks like a session IPA. But the aroma is bright! You open the can and it smells like Christmas trees! Most likely hops oil was used. Nothing wrong with this, but you have to use it carefully and over time it loses a lot of flavor.

Taste was unfortunately empty, watery. Doesn’t match the flavor at all. But in the aftertaste also Christmas trees and citrus. Citrus, however, not refreshing, but so… overripe.

All in all, gives an unpleasant, empty picture. No desire to buy this IPA, even for the price in K&B, no. Much better was Saku Antvärk IPA. Unfortunately, they don’t carry any more.

Feldschlößchen Weizen Bock (Dresden, Germany) – 7,1/16,3 Weizen Bock, a style on our shelves rare, not sold and must admit – few people except German TOPs are good at it. And the Tops, for that and Tops, that the price of them is not small. And here, the saying comes into play – “find a nickel in shit” “find a pearl in dung. They ask me – why are you trying all this?! That’s what it’s for!

Everybody go get the Feldschlößchen Weizen Bock while it’s in stock! Judging by the Buy More policy, it’s a one-time pickup to drum up interest. And the beer, let me tell you, is excellent!

The flavor is banana, oily, like a proper Weizen, just the way I like it! The taste is full, bready and not the slightest hint of alcohol! In the aftertaste, there’s a slight grassiness to the banana, which balances out the sweetness. Excellent beer! Grade “A-“.

Here’s right for 70 or 80 rubles (what it costs), better not to find! All competitors start at 200 and above. Definitely buy more, to stock up!

Alexandr Idzhon
Feldschlößchen Weizen Bock

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