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Gintarinis Extra Lager and Dark Ale

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Gintarinis Extra Lager and Dark Ale Beer

Beer from the Lithuanian concern, MV GROUP (aka MV Group Production AB), can often be found on the shelves of our stores. At K&B, Miratorg, X5 chains, etc. – Gubernija and Gintarinis brands are widely represented. At 1 pint can (0.568 as opposed to the Russian standard of 0.45), these beers are relatively inexpensive. The apologist’s delight is “imported means better!”


I wrote about Gintarinis once before, noting that the claimed Kunigaikščių porter is in fact a full-fledged bock. Why it is positioned as a Baltic porter, is still not clear.

Gintarinis Extra Lager (Siauliai, Lithuania) – 5/12 The official description promises us that “The aroma abounds with malt tones and hints of herbs. In principle, herbaceous, hop notes are indeed felt and it gives hope. But… Everything crashes on the taste – sweet, combined with herbaceousness that feels “alcoholic”, although the beer is not strong and there is nothing like that in it. In the aftertaste you can also note a bit of hopiness, but it doesn’t save it.

An unbalanced, rather hard-drinking beer, though clean and without flaws. Grade “C”.

Gintarinis Dark Ale (Siauliai, Lithuania) – 5.9/14 The aroma is caramel and jam. The taste is sweet, malty. In the aftertaste, as in the extra camp, there is something pungent that does not match the sweetness. Dark Ale is somewhat similar to our “velvet”, but harsher and therefore less drinkable. I think even fans of sweet beers will note this. The grade is also “C”.

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