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Heen & Weer beer from de Molen


by Djons

Heen & Weer beer

It’s been a while since I drank de Molen! It’s from a birthday present. Heen & Weer, a Belgian Tripel-style beer.

Heen & Weer (Netherlands, Bodegraven) – 9/19.1 The aroma is candy-like, slightly fruity. The taste is thick, full, sweet. The name translates as “back and forth” or “back and forth” our way. I take it this refers to the sweet malt base and the rather bright hops that set it off.

The label says to serve it at 6-8ºC, but I don’t understand why it needs to be chilled so much! I poured it at 10 and when it warmed a bit more in the glass, there were interesting notes of sweet citrus, flowers and bubblegum.

Very well balanced and very drinkable, despite the 9% alcohol. The grade is unequivocally “A+”.

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Александр Иджон
Heen & Weer beer
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