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Khamovniki Honey and Spices

by Djons

Khamovniki Honey & Spice

The Moscow Brewing Company, in their “Khamovniki” line, has released honey and spice for some reason. That’s what it’s called – Khamovniki Honey and Spices. True, he passes it not as honey, and as a “beer drink” because it contains malt and most likely made on the basis of wort, although judging by the composition – more honey.

Why do I write “for some reason”? Because the same Volkovskaya has “Wrong Honey” in its lineup and it too is made at MPK. But, both visually (by design) and ideologically, for some reason I don’t really see the honey in the Khamovniki line. However, this is purely my subjective perception. Someone will say – and why not? Honey is an old Russian drink, and it looks harmonious in the “historical” Khamovniki lineup. Perhaps…

Khamovniki Honey and Spices (Russia, Moscow region. Mytishchi) – 5/19 Color very light, straw. Aroma of spices is bright and cinnamon in the first place, and behind it a whole bouquet of something complex. There’s some citrus and cardamom, and ginger seemed to be in the mix (although it’s not in the mix).

In spite of the 19% ENS, the drink itself is not very strong. Rather light and sparkling. The taste of honey is not very strong, or rather not too strong, and to me, as not a particular fan of this product is not a problem. In the aftertaste is the same spice mix, which brings to you winter, Christmas motifs.

In summary – “Khamovniki Honey & Spice” is delicious, but very questionable in terms of its prospects in the market. Maybe, of course, and will shoot (people like sweet and bright things), and maybe not get it. But the IPC is strong because it is not afraid to experiment.

I can’t assess it, as it’s not a beer, but I recommend to try it, at least for the sake of interest.

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