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Nomikai Gose Beer from Volkovskaya Brewery


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Nomikai Gose Beer

Yesterday I stopped by the Volkova brewery on Armagh to meet Alexey Axel, discuss our mournful brewing business and see what they had new. There is a new beer in their Nomikai lineup. Now it’s Nomikai Gose (the previous one was blondom).

Nomikai Gose (Russia, Moscow) – 6.5% alk. It’s not just gose. And who now brews classic gose, without additives? Very few! Here you have passion fruit and chili peppers. It seems to me that the chili is the main thing.

Moderate acidity, a little salt, plus the sweetness of passion fruit and a spicy base underneath it all. I like it spicy. Everyone’s perception of spice is different. Some people might think Carolina Reaper is “spicy, but no more,” while others squirm from a regular Tabasco. I’m somewhere in the middle. Nomikai Gose didn’t seem extremely spicy, but enough to feel a warming sharpness in the throat after a couple of sips.

The beer is quite gastronomic and goes well with the same pizza for example. But, of course, it is not a mass product and you can buy the beer only in the bar at the brewery itself and possibly in brand stores, which Volkovskaya recently opened. B+ grade.

Alexandr Idzhon
Nomikai Gose Beer

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