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BrewMoose IPA

Remember a year ago when I wrote about BrewMoose beer and was skeptical about the fate of this project? Wrong! The smoker is alive! Not that it’s on sale everywhere, but it is, and they’ve even expanded the lineup by adding BrewMoose IPA and classic lager (haven’t seen it yet).

Let me remind you, BrewMoose belongs to the Carlsberg group of Hoppy Union, which includes Gorky Brewery, and more recently KONIX. Specifically this beer is brewed at St. Petersburg Baltika, but since this is a contract, you can probably find other breweries as well.

BrewMoose IPA (Russia, St. Petersburg) – 5.8/15 Amarillo and Citra hops. This is the beer that should have been the start of the lineup, not the incomprehensible weizen and pils. Quite a decent IPA. Yes, no extremism or fanaticism, but smooth and clean. There’s a bit of fruit in the aroma. The taste is caramel, full, moderately sweet. In the aftertaste sweet citrus and caramel. The hops are even, balanced and quite pleasant. Grade “B”.

Good competition to the Volkovska. Why not! A question of price of course and considering that the bottle is 0.44 liters.

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Александр Иджон
BrewMoose IPA
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