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Hook Norton and Wye valley beer

United Kingdom

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Hook norton and Wye valle beer

Yesterday, posted a video of the English Hook norton and Wye valle beer presentation that SuperBeer held last week at the Chernovar Bar. For Hook norton, this is not the first appearance in Russia. Eleven years ago, I even wrote about Hook norton double stout. For the time, it was a really unusual beer.

There are dozens of times more choices now, and I understand beer better, but I still think Hook norton is a very worthy representative of British brewing.

Hooky Gold (UK, Hook norton) – 4.1% alk. English Pale Ale or closer to a bitter. Often, this style is perceived as very boring and simple (especially on the background of American Pale Ale). On the one hand it is true – you should not expect from it bright flavors and aromas. According to the results of the tasting held at the event, it took last place. Nevertheless, it is certainly not “water with bubbles.

The aroma has light florals, fresh fruit. The taste is malty, clean, slightly (only slightly) caramel. Grassy hops. Drinks very well and with only 4.1% alcohol, you can drink a lot. A beautifully balanced beer. Rated “A”.

Old Hooky (UK, Hook-Norton) – 4.6% alk. And this is already a typical bitter. It was presented in two varieties – bottle and bottling. Despite the fact that the beer is exactly the same, bottling won in taste, most likely due to more carbonation.

Flowers in the flavor. More caramelism than the Hooky Gold. A bit of toasted toastiness. Nice, but not bright bitterness with hints of wood and earth. Rated B+.

Double Stout (UK, Hook-Norton) – 4.8% alk. Double doesn’t mean double-stout and all sorts of “imperialism.” It has to do with a lot of burnt and caramel malts. Indeed, it’s burnt, coffee-y. Bitter chocolate and some smokiness. Also woody tones of English hops. Excellent balance – not dry or sweet. Grade “A”.

Little wye Valley Brewery is located in the heart of Herefordshire. It opened in 1985. Wye Valley’s founder and head brewer, Peter Amor, previously worked for Guinness and his brother Vernon Amor brewed for Young’s. The brewery uses 80 percent local hops and malt.

Hopfather (UK, Stoke Lacey) – 3.9% alk. A sessional IPA with a definite tribute to American Kraft fashion. Nice, but not too bright citrus aroma. A little “lemon drops” on the palate. In the aftertaste is also pleasant citrusy hops, but with a slight woody hint. This beer uses Summit, Pilot, Cascade, Mosaic and Azacca hops. Pilot hops grow just outside the brewery, and perhaps it’s the one that gives you that English note. Very piquant and smooth. Rated “A-“.

Wholesome Stout (UK, Stoke Lacy) -4.6% alk. Given that Peter Amor brewed the beer at Guinness, we can assume (but it’s not certain) that Wholesome Stou has his influence. And it’s the “same” Guinness from before 1985.

The flavor is burnt and slightly smoky. Smoky and smoky theme can be seen in the aftertaste. Tart, dry taste, with notes of willow bark and a very slight acidity from the burnt malt. A bright and interesting stout. Roger Protz, in his time, gave it five stars. Could not agree more. A+ rating.

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