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Lauterbacher Brotzeit-Bier and Natur Weizen Beer


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Lauterbacher beer

I’ve been going around the neighborhood stores to look for Latvian beer, which I had to get for the shoot with Igor Chersky (as luck would have it, all the beer from Latvia disappeared to an unknown destination). At the same time, I also wanted to see what I could get for my review. I go into Azbuka Vkusa and see a certain German beer called Lauterbacher, with a price tag that says “You’re welcome to try it”. The price at the bottom, 196 rubles!

So what?! I like this design, in the style of 60-73’s, and at 196 rubles, for the sake of the new content in the blog, I’m ready to shell out! I took it, went to the cash register and … oops – the price of 218! It’s not that I don’t like beer for 218, and the difference of 22 rubles undercut me financially, but the principle itself! No one probably does not like it when he is cheated. Even if it’s a small amount.

However, I do not believe in the theory that this way the networks are profiting from us (they are profiting in another way). It is simply a technical and human error. Someone, somewhere, didn’t change the price tag or didn’t enter the new price into the cash register system. You can’t beat them up, and it’s hard to motivate the goblins in any other way.

I pointed out this discrepancy between reality and expectations to the cashier. She smiled sweetly, apologized, and started clicking … No, not the white master manager – the caveat! Who do not know, the caveat, this is a specially trained person who, unlike the sommelier not only knows about the wine and can recommend it to the Boston oysters, and in general, the master of all hands and glottes in alcohol. He takes the goods and orders them and gives a wide range of recommendations to visitors. Useful man, in short!

All right, let’s wait for the caterer. Five, ten, fifteen minutes. I told you, he’s useful, which means he’s very busy. Eventually, they caught him somewhere in the bowels of the store, and he came to me. After figuring out what the problem was, the kid pulled out a small but juicy wad of money from his pocket. He peeled off a hundred bucks and changed it at the cash register. Then he handed me fifty rubles and said, “Okay?

No, I understand that fifty rubles is more than the difference of twenty-two and the man just solved the problem without bothersome refunds and stuff. But, for some reason I felt my insignificance and incomparable smallness in scale to the useful and busy cavista (cavista?). I distracted him from important matters with my twenty-two rubles… I squat in deep pardon!

That’s a fairy tale. The tale is ahead. Thank God it’s not that bad.

What’s a Lauterbacher brewery? Never heard of it. However, there are hundreds of regional breweries in Germany that no Russian has ever heard of. However, googling and Untappd gave out that Lauterbacher is a hotel near Augsburgum. In Lauterbacher it seems, once upon a time, allegedly, brewed beer (by the way, bierdekels 70-80-ies, with this brand really exist). And they brewed it with Weizen. Accordingly, the owners of Lauterbacher-am-see, having put it to their noses, decided – why not brew beer somewhere just for us?

But, unlike many like them, they brewed not just anywhere, but at Riegele! By the way, Azbuka Vkusa exclusively imports Riegele, so they brought these as well.

Lauterbacher Brotzeit-Bier (Augsburg, Germany) – 5.1% alk. Brotzeit, means afternoon beer. A beer that was drunk during the break. Aroma is malty, slightly honeyed. The taste is full, a bit bready. Flowers and light hops in the aftertaste. Everything you need for a good hop. Pitko, pleasant, without a single flaw. Rated “A-“.

Lauterbacher Natur Weizen (Augsburg, Germany) – 5.3% alcohol. Not a bad weizen. In principle, everything is as it should be – the main tones are banana, a little flour. At the same time, the taste is dry and tart aftertaste with a hint of lemon zest. I’m a fan of the more “fatty” Vicenas, but those who like it drier, this is for you. Rated “B”.

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Lauterbacher beer
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