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Rakovar Beer

Czech Republic

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Rakovar Beer

Rakovar beer, is not a beer in which crayfish are brewed, it’s a beer from the town of Rakovnik in the Czech Republic. Beers from this brewery you know well – Bakalář , Černovar and of course Pražačka! The factory belongs to the Super beer group of companies (formerly Russian Tradition).

I presented it at the presentation of an English beer which Super Beer recently brought to Russia and about which I’ll tell you next week.

Rakovar (Czech Republic, Rakovnik) – 5,8/14,3 Beer brewed to the 560th anniversary of the brewery and untappd is listed as Rakovar 560. But, on the bottle that I got, no numbers. But there is an inscription – “Vareny na tri rmuty“. What is “rmuty”? I could not find translation. Gentlemen who know Czech – tell me! Is it by the three-barrel method…?

Aroma grain and grassy at the same time. The taste is full, malty, but not sweet. In the aftertaste, on the grain base lays a powerful, grassy, but rough hops. Clean, no defects, but because of the brutal hops the beer is a bit heavy to drink. A bit like Budvar Reserve, but despite the lower density, it is heavier to drink. “C+” Rating.

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Александр Иджон
Rakovar beer
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