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Nitro Merlin and Mind Haze by Firestone Walker Brewing


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Firestone Walker Brewing beer

I love Firestone Walker Brewing’s beer! I’ve written about it many times. Firestone beers are always well-balanced, and let’s face it, the price is a plus, too. For an American beer of this level, costing less than 300 rubles, it’s quite acceptable. I picked up Nitro Merlin and Mind Haze at Beru Weekend. It is sold there for 280 rubles.

Nitro Merlin (USA, Paso Robles) – 5.5/13.6 A milk stout, even under nitrogen, is hard to surprise. Well, stout and stout… Firestone, however, was able to do it. And what’s more, to surprise not with some extra additives or a fair amount of strength, but with balance. This is probably the best milk stout I’ve ever had. It’s perfect!

Due to the fact that it is “nitro”, the foam is not strong (you need a widget in the can for a lot of foam), but a thin layer of foam lasts a long time. Also, there is no hollowness inherent in many “nitro” varieties. Nitro Merlin is perceived as quite “fatty”.

There is a light coffee aroma. I have already said about the taste, but I’d like to add that it is neither sweet nor dry. Just what you need! In the aftertaste pleasant creaminess and chocolate. In general, everything in this beer is well balanced and nothing stands out or overshadows the other flavors. Enjoyed every sip. The grade is definitely “A +”.

Mind Haze (USA, Paso Robles) – 6.2/15 I have a soft spot for Haze IPAs. It’s usually hard to drink more than one glass of these, no matter how mild they are. Whether the brightness of flavor is to blame or it’s purely my perception, I don’t know. But, I don’t refuse of course and try it on occasion.

As in the case of Nitro Merlin, the beer is perfectly balanced without any overdoing or “hopbirding”. The aroma is bright, hoppy, citrusy. The taste is dry and tart. In the aftertaste also prevail citrus, to be exact – the zest of lime and grapefruit. A little pine, and for some reason reminded me of pickled lemons (made recently at home, such a delicacy). Tasty, pleasant, neat. Rated A-.

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