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Olde Oaked Legend and Pumperial Imperial Pumpkin Ale Tommyknocker Brewery


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Olde Oaked Legend 26th Anniversary

Tommyknocker Brewery, is a small craft brewery located in Idaho Springs, Colorado. The town is neither large nor small, or rather small. By our standards, it’s a village – 1,800 people live there. However, Tommyknocker Brewery supplies beer throughout the U.S. and Canada, and now as you can see in Russia you can buy it!

The brewery has been in operation since 1994. The name Tommyknocker came not from a Stephen King novel, but from a legend about small creatures living in mines, like gnomes. There were many mines in Idaho Springs in the 19th century and there was a brewery of the same name, designed to satisfy the miners’ thirst. So the modern name is a revived brand of nineteenth-century beer.

Olde Oaked Legend 26th Anniversary (Idaho Springs, USA) – 10/21 An interesting and rare style – Double Brown Ale. In the aroma of chocolate, light smokiness and berry. The taste is moderately sweet. In the aftertaste wood, grass, a little pepper and a pleasant tartness. Powerful, but very drinkable and balanced. Rated “A”.

Pumperial Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Pumperial Imperial Pumpkin Ale (Idaho Springs, USA) – 9/18.5 Another unusual style – Imperial Pumpkin Ale. I’m thinking about brewing something similar in the fall. Pampkin ales are selling very poorly here, but Imperial might do the trick. And you could sell it all winter long.

The flavor is pumpkin and the spices that go with it. The spices are moderate and don’t cover the pumpkin. The body is full, malted. In the aftertaste spices are not intrusive. Also perfectly balanced. Rated “A-.”

If anyone sees a beer from Tommyknocker Brewery, I recommend not to spare 300 rubles and try it. Decent and interesting! It’s not like tomato gose and smoothies!


Alexandr Idzhon
Tommyknocker beer

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