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Vieux Bruxelles Porter and IPA


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Vieux Bruxelles Porter and IPA

Vieux Bruxelles is brewed by the well-known, respected Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck brewery, but it is not on the official website. It doesn’t matter, though. It’s not some STM or someone under contract brewing there, it’s exactly Kasteel Brouwerij. Most likely the brand was developed for the mass market.

For some reason I have not come across this beer until recently, although it has been on our market for a long time. By the way, I can’t find Kasteel Nitro series either, although many people buy it somewhere. Hiding from me… About the main line of this brewery I oddly enough did not write, although of course I drank more than once in Russia and in Belgium. I have to fix this fault (I promised it two years ago 😀).

Vieux Bruxelles Porter (Belgium, Izegem) – 5.7% alcohol. Stylistically, it is an English porter. Aroma is coffee-chocolate, not very bright. Flavor is soft with light acidity. In the aftertaste to the coffee and chocolate theme added bread crust and hazelnuts. Nice, drinkable porter, but does not stand out much. Rated B-.

Vieux Bruxelles IPA (Belgium, Izegem) – 6.5% alk. Belgian style IPA. Love it. In this case, it’s also, not too outstanding, but a well-made IPA. Flowers in the aroma, plus some citrus. Of course, a yeasty tone and some earthiness, plus caramel and candy. Rated “B.”

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Vieux Bruxelles
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