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Red El Baltika

So I “joined the beautiful”. Everyone says: Baltika Red El, Baltika Red Machine… I went to Untappd, and every other person there pours this beer down the sink! So I had to get some! I had to specially go to “Magnit”, because it is sold exclusively in this network.

Baltika red ale Krasnaya Mashina is brewed in honor of the Russian National Hockey Team. In the official press release there is a photo of hockey players pouring a symbolic sack of malt into the mash. Good thing they didn’t make them unload the pellets! But, advertising is advertising. We understand all too well. The question is, what’s in the can?!

Baltika red ale Krasnaya Mashina (Russia, Yaroslavl) – 4.6/10.9 In terms of style, a rare ale. Aroma is not strong, caramel. Taste quite full, a little bread (crust of rye bread) and also caramel. In the aftertaste is a nice tart hop. Everything is well balanced. Grade “B”.

Given that the rare ale itself is not any bright style, then you should not expect from this beer extravaganza of taste. It’s entirely in style. If you pour it blindly and tell them it’s English, 99% of them would agree and say it’s not like Baltika. The remaining 1% will say – all English beer sucks too.

The main complaint is the word “Baltika” and even more so in combination with “Red Machine”. Who doesn’t remember and has forgotten – it was the brewing of “Red Machine” beer at Knightberg Brewery that at one time marked the beginning of the Craft Revolution.

Later, it was brewed by Victory Art Brew, but received a claim from some hockey organization (I’m a total ignoramus in sports) and changed the name, while Baltika was able to negotiate. That’s what’s so frustrating. Craft beer can’t be called that, but for the beer giants, you’re welcome! Alas, it’s business, nothing personal.

Baltika Red El as Red Machine will be sold only at Magnit for some time (which is a pity) and in the spring it will be available at the other chains. Perhaps it will be called simply – Baltika Red El (we’ll see). Would buy it from time to time, as I sometimes buy Brown Ale.



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Baltika red ale
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