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Danke beer – thanks, no thanks!


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Danke beer - thanks, no thanks!

We continue to explore the assortment of “Magnit” stores on the downward slope. Next are two beers from Russia’s only state-owned brewery, White Kremlin. The new brand is “Danke.” There were three kinds of beer, but I noticed Kellerbier late and I was too lazy to go back for it. In the end I only bought Helles and Dunkel.

I once made a video about White Kremlin. The brewery is essentially the “alter ego” of the Moscow Brewing Company. Excellent equipment, the original idea of developing it in partnership with German brewers. Everything is very similar, except that MPK belongs to private business, and “White Kremlin” to the state Tatspirtprom.

The result, as they say, is there, or rather in the bottle. There is not a single beer about which you could say – oh, I will definitely buy this one. At best, “it’s not that bad.” If it weren’t for the admin resource, we wouldn’t even see this beer anywhere. Although. the price is also a nice touch (another similarity to MPK).

Frau Danke (Russia, Chistopol) – 4.5/11 Aroma is dirty, sweet with a fruity touch. Taste is cereal with wet cardboard. There’s a tip of a knife of hops in the aftertaste. Yes, this is a Helles and hops are not the main thing in it, but they should be, right?! It’s dull and muddy. Rated “D+”.

Frau Danke Dunkel (Chistopol, Russia) – 4,6/11 Dark varieties from such breweries are usually a bit better. Burnt and caramel malts hide defects and give some sort of taste. And so it is here. The cardboard is no longer noticeable. In its place, a little bit of seed is showing through. The taste is watery. In the aftertaste a little bit of burnt and caramel, but it does not improve the situation much. “C” rating.


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Danke beer
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