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Einbecker Winter-Bock and Christmas Beer


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Einbecker Winter-Bock and Christmas Beer

I first tasted beer from the Einbecker brewery in 2020. That’s when I wrote about Einbecker 1378. There I also wrote about the history of the brewery and the “bock” style itself. I liked the beer a lot and was very happy to see new products at Prodexpo. Obviously these beers are new on our market but in Germany they have been brewed for quite a long time. Meet Einbecker Winter-Bock and Einbecker Weihnachtsbier.

Both beers are winter and even “Christmas” beers. I should point out right away that in Germany, Weihnachtsbier absolutely does not mean it has any spices in it, like mulled wine. A heavy Reinheitsgebot legacy, you understand. Weihnachtsbier is just a stronger version of regular beer, but still not a side.

Einbecker Weihnachtsbier (Germany, Einbeck) – 5.3/12.6 Aroma is weak, caramel. The body is not very full, malted with a caramel touch. In the aftertaste some strange tone, like a collection of herbs and a slight hop. Rated C+.

Einbecker Winter-Bock (Germany, Einbeck) – 7.5/18.2 Much more interesting. Aroma includes caramel and light dried fruits, primarily pear. The body is dense, sweet, but not sugary. You could not feel the alcohol at all. Some grassy hops in the aftertaste. A very decent side. Rated “B+”.

It’s a pity that side is not the most popular style of beer in Russian kraft. There is room to experiment here.


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Einbecker Winter-Bock
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