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Ermolaev Mosaic pils and Kreuzberg Berliner Weisse


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Ermolaev Mosaic pils and Kreuzberg Berliner Weisse

Echo of Prodexpo 2022 – two beers from the Tyumen brewery EromlaevЪ. I have blogged about this brewery twice already, and both times the beers pleased me. First of all the quality and stability of the entire lineup pleases me. Perhaps I would classify this brewery as one of the best in the northern region. It is not for nothing that “Mager himself” consults them!

There are two beers on today’s tasting table – Mosaic pils and Kreuzberg Berliner Weisse.

Ermolaev Mosaic pils (Russia, Tyumen) – 5/12 American style pils on Mosaic hops. Aroma is bright, hoppy, fruity. The taste is dry, full, but soft. In the aftertaste, blessed Mosaic in all its glory. Fruit, some citrus and Christmas trees. Mosaic often gives off what some call cat piss (I say blackcurrant), but there’s almost none of that here at all. At least in some negative way. Maybe just a little bit of currant leaf, and that somewhere on the breath.

The beer is very drinkable and balanced. Would love to drink more. Rated B+.

Kreuzberg Berliner Weisse (Tyumen, Russia) – 4.6/12 Berliner Weisse is commonly brewed with fruit and berries. There are only a handful of pure Berliners. It’s understandable – who wants to mix beer with syrup, and it’s not according to the concepts. And here we have everything ready.

In this case, most likely with raspberries. At least the flavor is raspberry. Not chemical, soft, pleasant. The taste seemed a little hollow. More precisely, there is a gap in flavor. Sourness is moderate, not pungent. Raspberry and sourness in the aftertaste too. Refreshing, but something was missing. Rated C+.



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Ermolaev Mosaic pils
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