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IGA Italian Grape Ale – collab with Major Brewery


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IGA Italian Grape Ale - коллаб с Major Brewery

Last week, on Friday, Beer café MJB hosted a presentation of the long-awaited (I mean, we’ve been waiting a long time) IGA Italian Grape Ale brewed by Major Brewery in collaboration with me (ID Jons Brewery).

I showed the brewing of the beer itself in a YouTube video. Nevertheless, I’ll briefly repeat in letters – it’s a grape ale brewed with the addition of juice from Pinot Noir grapes, which was pressed directly at the brewery (not concentrate!). The beer was first fermented with “saison” yeast and then with wine yeast.

What did they want? To get a dry taste with wine, grapey notes and reddish color if possible. What was the result?

IGA Italian Grape Ale (Russia, Moscow region, Shulgino village) – 6.5% alcohol. The color turned out beautiful, with a pink hue. It looks especially good in a wine glass. Taste dry, but I would like more. I want a brut! The flavor has notes of saison with its inherent spicy and herbaceous flavor and has a wine theme. In that respect, it turned out just right!

There was not much carbonation in it, though the foam was shallow and creamy. Additional carbonation is not, because it can reduce the drinkability. Overall, I would rate it a B+.

We are waiting for the kvevri version. 200 liters have been poured into a kvevri (clay jug for making wine) and will be bottled sometime in mid-spring. Most likely it will be “sour.” It has not yet been sampled and what is in it, we do not know.

Very much hope for further cooperation and continued experimentation in August-September. I want to try other grape varieties and play with yeast.

At the moment IGA Italian Grape Ale is only sold in restaurants and stores of the M2 Organic Club, but after the Prodexpo, I hope it will be available in some other Moscow establishments. The volume is very small. I can’t tell you the price yet, but I think it will be moderate for this kind of beer.


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IGA Italian Grape Ale
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