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Meistrite Gildi Pilsner


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Meistrite Gildi Pilsner

Another inexpensive beer from Lithuania. Meistrite Gildi Pilsner is brewed at the Penevezys plant, as I understand it, at the request of “Cido Grupa” holding company, which specializes in the production of various beverages – juice, soda and beer, of course. “Cido Grupa is registered in Latvia, but operates in more than 20 countries. The company itself is owned by the Danish Royal Unibrew, familiar to us from FAXE beer.

Cido Grupa owns such brands as Bauskas alus, Lāčplēsis, Līvu, etc. Many, such as Lāčplēsis and Līvu are sold in Russian networks and are very inexpensive.

Meistrite Gildi Pilsner (Penevezys, Lithuania) – 4.5/8.5 I wonder how they got almost 4.5 alcohol at 8.5 ENS? The beer itself doesn’t make you feel thrown away, although of course it’s watery. There’s a malt tone (not even a taste, but a tone) and a very, very light hop in the background.

Drank it after Danke and therefore it did not seem so repulsive. Empty, watery – yes, but clean! And that’s already good. Not a “pilsner” to speak of course, but as a drink to quench thirst, quite. Rated C-.


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Александр Иджон
Meistrite Gildi Pilsner
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